09 September 2009

Obama to Congress: "The time for bickering is over"

Well done, Mr. President! Obama's speech to Congress tonight was powerful, calculated, and poignant, neatly showcasing his poise amidst attacks from conservatives.  He outlined exactly what he wants from this health care bill (hint: it's not government takeover or "death panels"), and it makes sense.

-People would be required to have basic health insurance, and those who can't afford it would get a "hardship waiver".

-Businesses will be required to offer their employees health care, or at least pay for costs.

-More "defensive medicine", less malpractice suits.

-It would be against the law for insurance companies to deny coverage because of a pre-existing condition.
  (This is amazing in itself.  So many more people could be insured this way.)

-A public option needs to be available to the uninsured to "keep companies honest". It will be paid for with premiums, not subsidized from the taxpayer.

All of this sounds awesome, and nothing like the Republicans have made this bill out to be.  I've made it a whopping 45 pages into this bill, and I bet I've read more than most of them.  Even the representative from my hometown (Rep. Pete Hoekstra, R - MI), tried to hold a town hall and DIDN'T READ IT.  I think now that Obama's laid it all out for them, there shouldn't be any more of this death panel and gov't funded abortions crap.   For more on the plan, go to http://www.whitehouse.gov/issues/health_care/plan/.

In other news...

- A survey shows that the recession may be nearing it's end.

- A Mexican hijacking has been ended with no casualties.


  1. Yeah it's looking a lot better than everything we have been hearing. And thank god/yaweh/alah/budduh/pagan hotties that its not socialism

  2. I'm glad he made the address. I was getting sick of the Republicans just making up whatever and getting away with it.

    And socialism isn't all that bad, if it's implemented correctly. Socio-capitalism, like the Scandinavian model, works really well.