07 September 2009

Music Monday!

All right, here's your weekly dose of new music.

First up is Geoffrey Oryema, an internationally famous Ugandan musician. He was smuggled out of the country at the height of Idi Amin's regime, and has made music that keeps alive his homeland and culture ever since.  He's collaborated with many artists, most notably Peter Gabriel.  I enjoy his music immensely, as he sings in two indigenous languages, Acholi and Swahili, and creates a lush soundscape.  Two songs I especially like are "The River" and "Land of Anaka".  

Second is Toe, a Japanese post/math-rock group.  They're an instrumental band, featuring Kashikura Takashi's swift and laser-accurate drumming.  While they've got a dreamy, post-rock sound, a lot of the structure of their songs is heavily influenced by math rock.  I was tipped off to them by a friend (thanks JP!), and immediately picked up their live DVD, RGBDVD. They really jam, stretching songs out to 10 min+ on pure talent.  I definitely recommend them to anyone looking for some less spastic math rock, or just something to chill out to.  Check out "Path" and "Kodoku no Hatsumei".

Definitely give both of these a listen! Also, last.fm is a great place to find musicians like these.  I picked up an account and it definitely expanded my music horizons.  Give it a try and friend me! http://www.last.fm/user/shawnvalin

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