08 September 2009

New Features

I mentioned in the Music Monday post that I was implementing some new features.  A quick rundown...

First is movie reviews through my good buddy Josh's blog I ARE MOVIES.  He's a good critic, and watches tons of films.

Second is book reviews/suggestions.  I love to read, and I read a ton (at least a book a week).  I'd like to let everyone in on what I'm reading, and try to spread my love for books.

Thirdly, I'll be showcasing photography, both mine and neat stuff I find on Flickr and the interwebs.

Lastly, I'll be doing some political forums.  These will be on current issues such as health care reform, the economy, etc.  Standard rules apply: No flaming, no ad hom, so on and so forth.

I'll talk more about each as they go up, each on a different day (or maybe two a day? oh noes!)


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