22 September 2009

Music Monday!

All right! Back from an awesome birthday weekend, and ready to bring you some cool music.  Sorry about the delay, I'll also have Tech Tuesday up tonight.

Today's feature is Cloud Cult, an experimental indie band from Minnesota.  Cloud Cult has an eclectic style that's been called genius and compared to the likes of Modest Mouse and The Flaming Lips.  They have a very untraditional band set up, featuring strings and brass along with vocals and synth.  The band is led by Craig Minowa, a prolific songwriter and musician.  In addition to a really cool sound, Minowa's wife and another member of the band will complete a painting over the course of a live show, and then auction it off.

I really enjoy Cloud Cult.  Their songs tend to be very intricate, and most require more than one listen to fully understand them.  I was glad to hear "Lucky Today" on recent Esurance commercials, since they definitely deserve more exposure.  They're a unique group in a time of sound-alikes, and I highly encourage everyone to give them a listen.

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