28 September 2009

Music/Movie Monday - Farval Falkenberg

Today's feature is the Swedish OST and film Farval Falkenberg (Falkenberg Farewell). The film follows the last summer for a group of friends before they have to leave their hometown, the titular Falkenberg.  They pass the time by swimming in the sea, wandering through the woods, trying to live up to their parents expectations and burglarizing homes for fun.  Each of the five young men have different fears about leaving Falkenberg; Holger, the central figure, dreads becoming clichéd in the big world, while his brother John is simply unmotivated and lazy.  Their friend Jasper (played by the director, Jasper Ganslandt) is the only one of the five to have left Falkenberg, but he returned anyway. Jorgen is trying to start a catering business with little success, and loner David has no plans for the future.   

I won't spoil the film, because I think that it's a very profound story of five friends.  The setting for the movie, the town of Falkenberg, Sweden, is absolutely beautiful.  It's an idyllic sea coast town, and reminds me quite a bit of my own hometown.  

The soundtrack is what really fleshes out this film and gives it color.  Erik Enocksson put together simple and sparse but spectacular (alliteration!) pieces that set the mood for the whole movie.  "The Joy of D.H. Lawrence" and "The Lingering Procession" are my favorites, because they give off that unshakeable feeling of the last summer, the last days of childhood.  "The State the Sea Left Me In" is another good piece, very dark and hopeless.

If you can find it, this is definitely a film worth watching.

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