02 March 2009

World Music Monday!

I really love music in other languages, or by foreign artists. Learning new languages is a hobby of mine, and music really helps that by cementing certain concepts in a medium that everyone understands.
First up is Coeur de Pirate. 18-year old Quebec native BĂ©atrice Martin brings a blend of airy vocals and piano pop melodies. I really like French singers, not gonna lie.  

Next is Sungha Jung, an 11-year old fingerstyle prodigy from Korea. While not technically world music, he plays covers of well known songs (amazingly, might I add) and has even composed a few of his own.  I really think this kid is an amazing guitar player.

Finally, we have Aleks Syntek, a well-known Mexican singer/songwriter and keyboardist.  He's worked with many artists in the Latin community, and has an extensive catalogue.  My high school Spanish teacher used music in her classes, and I think that really gave me a love of foreign music, especially Spanish stuff.   My favorite Syntek song is "Duele el Amor" feat. Ana Toroja, of Mecano (Laika anyone?)

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