20 March 2009

Album Review - Neko Case

Today I have a review of the new album from The New Pornographer's co-vocalist, Neko Case. Middle Cyclone is the second solo release from Case, and arguably the best.

 Middle Cyclone is an alt-country offering, and has the same kind of feel as Bright Eyes.  It's a very nature-oriented album, with two songs about tornados, animals and a 30 minute track of crickets, recorded at night in Case's own backyard. I really thought that was a nice addition to this album.  It gives it an even more personal feel.   Case's voice is powerful, and a few tracks have her harmonizing with herself, which sounds amazing.  She is really a talented vocalist, as well as songwriter.  All but two songs are self written, and those are very well done covers.

Another interesting facet of this album is that it was recorded in a barn on Case's property in Vermont.  The barn isn't soundproof nor is it fully closed up, so nature sounds make their way through if you listen carefully.  

The first track, "This Tornado Loves You" is amazing, simply put.  It has a Pornographers feel to it, while it also has that unique Neko Case aspect.  It's a good song, probably my favorite on the album.

Some songs feel sort of repetitive, and a few have the same kind of instrumentation going on, but overall, there's really no negative aspect to it.

The whole album is a testament to Case's natural music ability and talent, and I HIGHLY recommend it. 

Middle Cyclone gets a 9/10.

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