16 March 2009

It's that time again....MUSIC MONDAY!

Yeah! Ok, I'm back with another edition of Music Monday!  From now on, it will be new music/world music with a touch of older stuff I think you should listen to.

First up is Cansei de Ser Sexy, a Brazillian electroclash/indie group.  You may have heard their single "Music is My Hot Hot Sex", which is really my favorite song of theirs.  They took their name from a comment by Beyonce, who declared she was "tired of being sexy".  They have a lot of bass and synth, and their music is great.

Next is Track n Field, a Finnish trip-hop duo.  Their album Marathon is a masterpiece, with songs to fit every occasion. It's probably the most wide ranging album I've ever heard.  Some songs are synth-poppy, some are laid back lounge music, and some sound like soul or jazz.  I highly recommend this album.

Finally we have Craig D'Andrea, a fingerstyle guitarist. He's on the same label as Andy McKee, who I'm sure some of you have heard of.  His music is incredibly lyric, although not as complex as McKee's.  I especially love his song "In with the Purple and out with the Blue".  He uses some sweet harmonies and really makes that guitar speak.  Definitely check out the entire CandyRat label, they have some amazing artists.


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