03 March 2009

Tech Tuesday!

I have some new tech/video games I'd like to share with everyone.

First off is a neat game I play called Perfect World.  It's an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game), and it immerses you in a beautiful and massive world that bears resemblance to medieval China.  The character editor is one of the best you'll find, and the best part is the price: FREE.  That's right, free, as in no charge ever.  There are 3 races to choose from, with each race being able to perform 2 jobs.  It has an exciting backstory and an ever-unfolding landscape to explore.

My character is Rianan, if you do decide to play. Send me a friend request!

The second tech item is HammerHead Rhythm Station, a nice freeware program you can use to create drum patterns. It's very customizable, and you can make just about any kind of beat you can think of.  I use it for backing on my keyboard and guitars, and it's a solid program.

Check both of these out!

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