18 January 2010

Oblivion Blog!

So, since I've had a dearth of creative fiction writing lately, I'm going to chronicle the adventures of my latest Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion character.  It'll be done in a journal style, written from his point of view.  A little background...
Name: Haien Moreneau
Age: 22
Race: Breton
Height: 6'
Hair color: Goldish Blonde
Body Type:  Athletic
Class: Witchhunter
Haien is a cheerful guy, always willing to help people out.  He's a woodsman and enjoys being outdoors and traveling.  He hails from the town of Cheydinhal, in the foothills of the Valus Mountains.  

Let the story begin!

26th of Last Seed, 3E433 (Year 433 of the Third Era)
My name is Haien Moreneau, and I have accomplished something no one else in my lifetime has:  I have escaped the Imperial Prison.  I'm sure it seems unlikely, but let me tell you the story.
Only yesterday, I was sitting in a dank cell, listening to the Dunmer in the cell across from me prattle about how I was going to die today.  I had long since stopped listening to him, since he said the same thing day after day.  My thoughts were turned inward, trying to figure out why exactly I was here in the first place.  About two years prior, Imperial Legion soldiers had come to my house in Cheydinhal and placed me under arrest.  That was a miserable journey, handcuffed and forced to walk behind a horse all the way to the Imperial City. They immediately took me to the prison and threw me in a cell.  No explaination, no chance for me to clear my name.  The guards who brought me food daily ignored my pleas to write to my family in Daggerfall.  I was completely at a loss, and was slowly resigning myself to rot in the Imperial Prison.  I prayed to the Nine for some kind of explaination, a reprieve, something.
Then today, I received that sign.  I was sitting at my small table, idly scratching a design in the wood, when I heard unfamiliar voices coming down the stairs.  I heard an elderly man saying something about his sons. The Dunmer was cackling my demise, and as I looked up to tell him off, three people in unfamiliar armor shadowed my cell door.  One of them, a woman, was visibly angry.  "Why is there a prisoner in this cell?!" she snapped at the two men behind her.  They shrugged sheepishly, and she sighed.  As she unlocked the door, she ordered me against the back wall.  As I stood there, hands visible, they entered my cell, followed by none other than the Emperor! Uriel Septim himself was standing in my dingy cell!  The woman pulled on one of the chains that hung in the corner, and a large doorway slid open, as did my mouth.  All along, there was an escape route...
As I stood there staring, the Emperor stopped and looked at me strangely.  "You...you are the one from my dreams."  He moved closer and I stammered something to the effect of "What's going on?"  He replied, telling me that his sons had been assassinated, and that they were after him.  The guards still eyed me warily, but the Emperor encouraged me to find my own path, and no one stopped me as I followed the guards down the stairs.  When we reached the bottom, all hell broke loose, and two men in red robes and freakish armor appeared and attacked the soldiers.  One of them, the woman, shrieked and fell as the red robes clubbed her in the head.  The two men quickly finished them off, but I was still shaking and frozen.  The Emperor beckoned silently, and I somehow regained my composure and followed.  We wound our way through numerous rooms and halls, little known passages underneath the city.  The red robed people continued to attack us, but the soldiers ( I now recognized them as the Blades) dispatched them easily.  Finally we came to a locked door, and the soldiers ordered me to stay put.  I was rather angry at being left defenseless, but I understood that they needed to get the Emperor to safety.  As I watched the door shut, I heard a low rumble, and a crack in the wall opposite me collapsed into a gaping hole, from which two huge sewer rats leapt.  I had grabbed the female Blade's (Captain Renault, I think they called her? A fellow Breton, no doubt) swords as we passed her body, but in my panic I couldn't unsheathe either. I put my hand out in desperation, and shot a fireball straight into the maw of the rat, lighting them both on fire.  As they smoldered, I decided that I would try to find a way out through the tunnel.  I managed to make my way through rat infested catacombs, finding a shoddy leather cuirass and a bow along the way.  As I dispatched the rats and occasional goblin, I found that my marksmanship was coming back to me, after so long in the dungeon.  I came across a cave of goblins guarding some treasure, and relieved them of that as well.  At long last, I came to a door.  I opened it and heard the voices of the guards pleading with the Emperor, and smiled.  Apparently my tracking skills had returned as well.
I jumped down from the wall where the door was hidden, and the Blades immediately tried to kill me.  Thankfully, the Emperor intervened and spoke with me again.  For some reason he asked me about my birthsign (I was born under the Mage), and if I followed the Nine.  We then continued through the tunnels, and I could tell by the guards nervousness that we were near the sewer entrance.  I was feeling pretty jaunty after my trek, and I was unperturbed when the Blades shoved the Emperor and I into a small room with no exits.  He turned to me and, in a panicked voice, told me of his death, and handed me a large amulet with a red diamond in it.  I was to take it to some place called Weynon Priory, and give it to a man named Jauffre.  As he handed it to me, the stone wall behind him opened, and another red robe jumped out and stuffed a dagger between Uriel Septim's shoulders, ending his life.  I roared with anger and fire jumped from my palm, burning the man and sending his charred remains flying.  Baurus (the Blade who was courteous to me) came back just in time to see the robed man fall.  He looked distraught, and kept saying that he'd failed. He handed me a key and bade me leave through the sewers.  I took the key and made my way out, finally coming out into the first sunlight I'd felt in two years.  I took a deep breath and smiled.  I was a free man, and I was going to make the most of it.

More to come!

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